Don't wait until you're shouting at your machine & fighting the urge to throw it out the window - regular servicing keeps your machine happy, prolongs its life & protects your sanity!  But, if you've already reached that stage, don't worry, you have our sympathies!  Pop the kettle on (or pour a Gin) and get in touch, we can help both you and your machine!


Sew Green machine services are incredibly thorough and we take great care of your beloved machine whilst "he" is in our care. 


Wendy & David visited Ithaca in the USA to be trained by Ray White, a highly skilled engineer and teacher with over 60yrs experience. We were lucky enough to spend time with the charity sew green who, lead by another Wendy, aim to reduce waste, upcycle clothes & repair machines by teaching people how to "reuse".  In keeping with their approach, wherever possible we will repair a machine rather than see it go to landfill.  Scrapping is an absolute last resort for us - at which point, every slavagable part is saved for future use. We also service/repair hand crank sewing machines for Tools for Self Reliance - a fabulous charity offering tools & teaching to remote parts of africa. 


David & Wendy are now located in Lancaster, Services are £40 and you are welcome to drop your poorly machines or have them collected - please see contacts page.