Sewing Machine Servicing (all domestic models & ages) ~ £40

Entire machine fully cleaned, lubricated & inspected (we use only tri-flow oils/grease with Teflon)

Gear mechanisms & all moving parts inspected, cleaned & lubricated.

Needles replaced (we only use German Schmetz for reliability & quality)

Upper Tension assembly.

Bobbin case tension.

Tensions balanced & reset to factory specifications.

Clutch mechanism & motor belts.

Feed dog timing/height/centering.

Needle centering & pendulum timing.

Spring timing,

Hook timing,

Thread loop formation.

Needle Bar mechanism.

Sew-in testing.



Overlocker/Serger (all domestic models & ages) ~ £50

All check points as per sewing machine above, with the addition of:

All 3, 4 or 5 tension mechanisms balanced.

Cutters checked & replaced at cost price if needed)

Machine rethreaded as per factory settings.