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We service, fix & restore all makes of sewing machines & overlockers, whatever their age.


Having tension issues? Stitches too long, too short or not locking together properly? Is your machine stuck in reverse or unable to go backwards? Bobbin winder not working as it should? This and many other problems can be rectified during a service. Remember, it does not matter what make, model or age your machine is, we can fix it!

Our machine services are incredibly thorough and we take great care of your beloved machine whilst "he" is in our care. Wherever possible we aim to have your machine ready within a week, often sooner.

Servicing at Sew Green follows a thorough step by step procedure, ensuring your machine is in perfect working order when it is returned to you.  Regular servicing prolongs the life of your machine and all work is guaranteed for 6months.



~ Sewing Machine Servicing (all models & ages) ~ £40.00


Entire machine fully cleaned, lubricated and inspected (we use only Tri-flow lubricant with Teflon and Tri-flow grease).

Gear mechanisms & all moving parts within machine inspected, cleaned & lubricated.

Needles replaced (we only use German Schmetz for reliability and quality).

Upper tension assembly.

Bobbin case tension.

Tensions balanced & reset to factory specification.

Clutch Mechanism & motor belt.

Feed dog height/centering/timing.

Needle centering and pendulum timing.

Spring Timing.

Hook Timing.

Thread loop formation.

Needle bar mechanism.

Sew-in testing, we use especially sourced poor quality thread on purpose! This ensures that your machine can handle all conditions.

~ Overlocker Servicing ~ £50.00

All services as for a sewing machine service, with the addition of:

All 3 (or 4) tension mechanisms balanced and reset.

Cutters checked and replaced at cost price if needed.

Machine rethreaded as per factory settings.




We accept cash, cheques or paypal.